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International / Domestic / PayPal online payment (inclusive taxes) - 420 Euro:


Domestic payments:  ING Bank (RON): RO29INGB0000999912169233, ING, CIF: 45562564, Asociația Română de Balneologie Iași


International: ING Bank (Euro): RO76INGB0000999912186720, ING, CIF 45562564, Asociația Română de Balneologie Iași     

  • For submitting articles for Balneo Research Journal, authors must use the following template: Balneo Template

·       The Peer Review process is a double - blind process.

·       Published Conflict-of-Interest Statement: Link

·       Published Statement of Informed Consent: Link

·       Published Statement of Human and Animal Rights: Link  

·       Assignment of copyright and authorship responsibilities: Link  -   License:    see:

Editing regulations / (peer-review protocol) – Instructions for authors

·       Balneo and PRM Research Journal provides a platform for authors to publish their articles as peer-reviewed original papers,  systematic reviews, meta-analyses, short communications and letters to the editor in the following fields: Balneology, Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (PRM), Healthy Ageing, Climatology and Hydrothermotherapy.

·       We consider as general rules those included in the document: Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals: Writing and Editing for Biomedical Publication - updated February 2006 by International Committee of Medical Journal Editors.

·       The manuscripts will be submitted via the online submission system at or by email as an attachment in Word format to

·       For submitting articles for Balneo Research Journal, authors must use the following template: Balneo Template

·       The manuscripts must be accompanied by Published Conflict-of-Interest Statement (see Form), Published Statement of Informed Consent (see Form), and Published Statement of Human and Animal Rights (see Form), signed by the main author, in the name of all authors, scanned and attached to the email.

·  Authors retain unrestricted copyright and all publishing rights when publishing under any license permitted by the journal.


·       The language of papers is English.

·       After manuscript receipt, the corresponding author will receive a short e-mail confirming the receipt which will contain the registration number, the date the manuscript was received, and the fact that the manuscript was sent for peer-review. The Journal Peer-review Board Secretary chooses aleatory 2 peer-reviewers (from the Peer-review Board) and sends them by e-mail the manuscript.

·       The reviewer's decision (approval with no changes, approval with major/minor changes, rejection), taken on the responsibility of the peer-reviewers, will be immediately communicated by e-mail to the corresponding author by the editor.

·       If the manuscript gets approval with changes, the corresponding author shall send the improved manuscript within 4 weeks. The editor will convey the corresponding author's answer to the peer reviewers. If they are satisfied with the corresponding author's answer, they will send the executive editor the decision of approval for publication of the improved manuscript.

·       If the peer reviewers consider that the corresponding author did not meet/or met poorly the revision requests, they will deny the approval for publication, which will be communicated to the editor. The approval for publication once taken by the reviewers, the decision will be communicated in the editorial meeting.

·       The author who has the quality of editor-in-chief or editor does not participate in any way in the decision-making process of selection and publication of the respective article.