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  • International title: Balneo Research Journal / Index name: BALNEO
  • Publisher: Romanian Association of Balneology (Bucharest)
  • ISSN: 2069-7597  /  eISSN: 2069-7619
  • Frequency: 4 issues per year, plus addenda
  • The language of publication: English
  • License: 
  • Website http://bioclima.ro/Journal.htm
  • Online submission link: http://bioclima.ro/ojs/index.php/BALNEO/user/register 
  • Balneo Research Journal was recognized by the Romanian College of Physicians for CME credits, based on yearly subscription.


  • Journal Discipline : Medicine: Therapeutics. Pharmacology
  • Journals Estimated Importance and Relevance of the Research Field: Balneo Research Journal provides a platform for researchers, physicians and other interested authors to publish their articles about rehabilitation, physical medicine and balneology in a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed, open-access journal, with many life aspects for research, medicine, balneo-tourism, medical tourism, natural therapeutic factors, rehabilitation medicine and kinetotherapy.
  • The journal's presence in various indexing services, directories and listings: At the present moment, Balneo Research Journal is part of the international data bases (BDI) as follow:
Journal publishing regularity: 4 issues per year,

Article Originality : main criterion for article acceptance.

Manuscript Requested Quality:

  • Correct page numbers and spelling in the document.
  • Checking text and page numbers in table of contents.
  • Checking and Ensuring tables, figures, references, etc. cited in text
  • Checking lists, paragraphs, figures, etc., numbered or lettered consecutively.
  • Ensuring that there are no duplicate tables and figure titles
  • Checking hyperlinks to references.
  • Reviewing sentences for spelling and grammatical mistakes.
  • Checking style, size, and typeface for headings, titles, bullets etc.
  • Checking of Insertion of appropriate page breaks
  • Ensuring consistent justification for text, callouts, cautions, warnings etc.
  • Choosing correct size and layout of pages.
  • Ensuring consistent use of capitalization and spelling.
  • Applying proper numbering mechanics in the article.
  • Checking format for bibliographic references, i.e. according to any of Citation Style.
  • Using punctuation consistently.

Submitting articles for Balneo Research Journal is free of charge, subject of peer-review process.

Submit your articles here: http://bioclima.ro/submit.jpg  

or by email: secretar@bioclima.ro