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Message - Univ. Prof. dr. Lucian Georgescu

Rector of „Dunărea de Jos” University, Galați

Opening Ceremony Guests
Univ. Prof. dr. Gelu Onose - Honorary President SRMFRB
Univ. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Diana Lorena Păun - Presidential Adviser
Dr. Andrei Baciu - State Secretary, Health Ministry
Univ. Prof. dr. Viorel Jinga - Rector UMF „Carol Davila”
Univ. Prof. dr. Lucian Georgescu - Rector Univ. Dunărea de Jos
Univ. Prof. dr. Radu iliescu - Prorector UMF „Gr. T. Popa”, Iași
Univ. Prof. dr. Liliana Ana Tuța - Prorector Universitatea Ovidius
Univ. Prof. dr. Oleg Pascal - Univ. „N. Testemițanu”, Chișinău
Univ. Prof. dr. Cristian Gheonea- Prorector UMF Craiova
Univ. Prof. dr. Anca Galaction - Decan Fac. de Bioinginerie, Iași
Univ. Prof. dr. Aurel Nechita - Univ. Dunărea de Jos, Galați
Univ. Assoc. Prof. dr. Dan Blendea – President SRMFRB
Academician Constantin Ionescu Tîrgoviște
Manager Roxana Elena Almășan,Techirghiol Sanatorium
Dr. biol. Constantin Munteanu – President ARB
International Session Guests
Univ. Prof. dr. Umberto Solimene - President of FEMTEC
Univ. Prof. dr. Zeki Karagulle, Past President of ISMH, Istanbul  Turkish Association of Thermal Medicine and Balneology
Dr. Jose Manuel Carbajo, Spain, Univ Compultense
Dr. Davide Rossi, Italia, Development Cooperation NGO, Italy
Prof. Yashinori Otsuka, Sapporo International University, Japan
Dr. Eva Makinenko, Estonia - Tallinn University Haapsalu College (Centre of Excellence in Health Promotion and Rehabilitation)
Dr. Irina Borodulina, Rusia, Russian Medical Science Academy
Dr. Charles Davidson, Australia, Peninsula Hot Springs
Dr. Ahmed Belaitar, Algeria, Hammam Chellala Thermal Center
Dr. Maria Chiara MaccaroneItalia,
Dr. Jolanta Zegarska (Poland)
Dr. Valentina Reps, Russia
Message - Univ. Prof. dr. Oleg Pascal
President SSRMMFRM, Chișinău, Republica Moldova  

International Session

Opening Ceremony

Scientific Session III

Scientific Session IV

Scientific Session V

Scientific Session VI 

Scientific Session VII

Scientific Session VIII

Scientific Session IX 

Scientific Session X

Scientific Session XI

Scientific Session XII 

Scientific Session XIII

Scientific Session XIV dedicated to World SCI Day

Scientific Session XV 

Scientific Session XVI

Closing Ceremony

Congress General Programme

2 September, 2020 3 September, 2020 4 September, 20205 September, 2020
08,30 - 10,30 Scientific Session I
08,30 - 10,30 Scientific Session V
08,30 - 10,30 Scientific Session IX 
08,30 - 10,30 Sesiunea Științifică XIII
10,30 - 11,00 Break
10,30 - 11,00 Break 10,30 - 11,00 Break
10,30 - 11,00 Break
11,00 - 13,00 International Session II
11,00 - 13,00 Scientific Session VI 
11,00 - 13,00 Scientific Session  X
11,00 - 13,00 Scientific Session XIV -                          dedicated to World SCI Day
13,00 - 14,00 Break
13,00 - 14,00 Break
13,00 - 14,00 Break
13,00 - 14,00 Break
14,00 - 16,00 Scientific Session  III
14,00 - 16,00  Scientific Session  VII  
14,00 - 16,00 Scientific Session  XI
14,00 - 16,00  Scientific Session XV
16,00 - 16,30 Break  
16,00 - 16,30 Break16,00 - 16,30 Break16,00 - 16,30 Break   
16,30 - 18,30  Scientific Session  IV
16,30 - 18,30  Scientific Session VIII16,30 - 18,30  Scientific Session XII 
16,30 - 18,30 Scientific Session XVI
18,30 - 19,00 Posters Session I  
18,30 - 19,00 Posters Session II   
18,30 - 19,00 Posters Session III   
18,30 - 19,00  Posters Session IV  

19,00 - 19,30 Closing Ceremony
                     Posters awards
           RoSCoS General AssemblySRMFRB / RSPRMB General Assembly

      Scientific Programme: LINK pdf     
      Abstracts volume: LINK pdf     


  • Accuracy / relevance and topicality of the subject;

  • Timeliness and relevance of the methodology, including the credibility of the parameters;

  • The reliability of the results obtained (including statistical processing);

  • English expression accuracy and quality of layout;

  • Adequacy  of conclusions with summary assembly.

Posters Evaluation Commission:  

Univ. Assoc. Prof. dr. Olga Surdu, 

Univ. Assist. Prof. dr. Gabriela Dogaru, 

Univ. Assist. Prof. dr. Sânzianu-Călina Silișteanu


Association internationale sans but lucratif – International non-profit organisation

“The Romanian Congress of Rehabilitation, Physical Medicine and Balneology 2020 – with international participation, Iași, Romania, 02/09/2020-05/09/2020 has been accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME®) with 32 European CME credits (ECMEC®s). Each medical specialist should claim only those hours of credit that he/she actually spent in the educational activity.”

           Accreditation letter pdf LINK 

Learners' Feedback questionnaire - EACCME® participant’s evaluation form - LINK

Tematic areas  
Balneology - Natural Therapeutic Factors
· Mineral waters
· Peloids
· Climatology
· Thalassotherapy
· Therapeutical gases
· Salt Mines
  Healthy Life Style

  • Active and healthy aging
  • Balneoclimatology, Fitness and Wellness
  • Ethical and/or legal issues
  • Public Health and Sanitary Management / in PRMB  
  • Sano-tourism and marketing of the spa tourism destination

Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine in
  • Neurological and communication disorders
  • Musculoskeletal disorders 
  • Pediatric disorders 
  • Geriatric disorders 
  • Cardiovascular diseases 
  • Respiratory disorders

Fizio / Kineto - therapy
Mechatronic/robotic interventions in medical rehabilitation
Holistic integrative interventions
Education and scientific research

Honorary Presidents

Univ. Prof. dr. Viorel Scripcariu Rector of The University of Medicine and Pharmacy „Grigore T. Popa”, Iași
Univ. Prof. dr. Gelu Onose - University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Carol Davila" București, Honorary President of RSPRMB
Univ. Prof. dr. Aurel Nechita - University ”Dunărea de Jos” from Galați, President of Physicians College from Galați 
Congress Presidents: 

Univ. Prof. dr. Anca-Irina Galaction, Dean, Faculty of Medical Bio-engineering, University of Medicine and Pharmacy „Grigore T. Popa”
Univ. Prof. dr. Oleg Pascal, President of SSRMMFRM
Dr. Biol. Constantin Munteanu, President of Romanian Association of Balneology (ARB)
Univ. Assoc. Prof. dr. Dan Blendea, President of Romanian Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine & Balneoclimatology

Scientific Committee

Assist. Prof. dr. Gabriela Dogaru
Assist. Prof. dr. Mihaiela Chicu   

Univ. Prof. dr. Liviu Lazar  
Univ. Assoc. Prof. dr. Olga Surdu
Univ. Assoc. Prof. dr.  Alisa Tabirta 
Univ. Assoc. Prof. dr.  Otilia Rogoveanu
Univ. Prof. dr.  Aurelia Romila   

Assist. Prof. dr. Silișteanu Sînziana Călina
Assist. Prof. dr. 
Ioana Andone

Assist. Prof. dr. 
Cseppento  Nistor Carmen
As. CDI 
Dr. Cristina Popescu
Dr. Liviu Iordache

Assist. Prof. dr.  
Mădălina Verenca
Assist. Prof. dr.  
Ana-Maria Bumbea
Assist. Prof. dr.  
Adriana Lupu
Dr. Carmen Firan

Dr. Mariana Varodi
Dr. Aura Spînu   

Dr. Liliana Stanciu
Dr. Anișoara Cimil
Assist. Prof. dr.  Traian Virgiliu Surdu
As. univ. Dr. Doinița Oprea 
Dr. Doroteea Teoibaș Șerban

Organizing Committee

Univ. Assoc. Prof. dr. 
Calin Corciova

Univ. Assoc. Prof. dr.  Mariana Rotariu  
Univ. Assoc. Prof. dr.  Dr. Liliana Pădure
Univ. Assoc. Prof. dr.  Camelia Ciobotaru  
Assist. Prof. dr.  Dr. Marius Turnea 

As. Univ. Dr. Cătălina Luca
As. Univ. Drd. Catalin Ionite
Asist. Univ. Drd. Iustina Avram
Fkt. Drd. Ilie Onu
FKt. Viorela Bembea
Ana Elena Stoian  
Camil Filimon
Robert Fuior

Scientific presentations online support:
Dr. Mihaela Mandu
Dr. Andreea Cuculea

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