Congress under the auspices of The Universities of Medicine and Pharmacy "Iuliu Hațieganu" from Cluj-Napoca, "Carol Davila" from Bucharest and "Grigore T. Popa" from Iași


The Congress is organized in partnership with Salina Turda S.A. 


Registration fee:

The registration fee is including:

· Lunch on 23, 24, 25, 26 May, 2018

· Dinner în 23, 24, 26 May, 2018

· Access to lectures, conferences and opening ceremony

· Congress bag and materials

· Certificate of participation

· Coffee breaks and mineral waters

· Welcome cocktail

· GALA DINNER - 25 Mai 2018                                      

Registration fee                                                                


 ARB / SRMFRB/ ISMH / Speleo Members                                    € 200

 Accompanying /Resident Physicians/Researchers                      € 100

 ARB / SRMFRB / ISMH / Speleo  Non-Members                          € 300

ISMH Members

EURO 200.00

Tax rate 10%


Euro 100.00

Tax rate 10%  

Non ISMH Members

Euro 300.00

Tax rate 10%  

For Bank transfer to Romanian Association of Balneology - IBAN RO15INGB0000999907616887ING Bank

Accommodation - 22 - 27 May

Cluj—Napoca / Hotel Belvedere and Turda /  Hotel Potaissa

Single Room — € 40 (with Breakfast) / per night / per room

Double Room — € 50 (with Breakfast) / per night / per room


Belvedere Hotel - Cluj-Napoca

Potaissa Hotel - Turda

         For Bank transfer to Romanian Association of Balneology - IBAN RO15INGB0000999907616887BCR

Honorary Presidents: 
Academician Constantin Ionescu-Târgoviște - Președinte al Asociației Medicale Române
 Prof. Univ. Dr. Alexandru Irimie - Rector, UMF "Iuliu Hatieganu" Cluj-Napoca  
Prof. Univ. Dr. Gelu Onose - UMF Carol Davila Bucuresti, Președinte de Onoare Executiv al SRMFRB
Honorary Presidents of the Scientific Committee: 
Prof. Univ. Dr. Zeki Karagulle - ISMH Past President 
Prof. Univ. Dr. Dafin Mureșanu - UMF "Iuliu Hatieganu" Cluj-Napoca, Președinte EFNR
Prof. Univ. Dr. Irena Ponikovska, Președinte de onoare al Societății Poloneze de Recuperare, Medicină Fizică și Balneologie
Congress Presidents: 
Dr. Biol. Constantin Munteanu, Președinte al Asociației Române de Balneologie (ARB)
Sef Lucrari Dr. Gabriela Dogaru - UMF  "Iuliu Hatieganu", Cluj-Napoca, Președinte ARB - Filiala Cluj
Conf. Dr. Dan Blendea, Președinte  al Societății Române de Medicină Fizică, Recuperare și Balneoclimatologie (SRMFRB)
   Scientific Committee

President Prof. Dr. Liviu Lazăr

Sef Lucrari Dr. Silișteanu Sînziana Călina
Dr. Jacek Chojnowski
Prof. Dr. Mine Karagulle
Conf. Dr. Olga Surdu

Sef Lucrari Dr. Ioana Stanescu 

Sef Lucrari Dr. Mihaiela Chicu
Sef Lucrari Dr. Cristina Daia
Sef Lucrari Elena Valentina Ionescu
Dr. Ioana Andone

Dr. Andrada Mirea
Dr. Doroteea Teoibaș Șerban

Dr. Simona Carniciu
Dr. Carmen Firan

Dr. Liliana Stanciu
Dr. Anatoli Covaleov 
Dr. Doinița Oprea 
Dr. Simona Stoica
   Organizing Committee

Conf. Dr. Liliana Pădure

Dr. Bioch. Mihail Hoteteu
Dr. Aura Spînu
Simona Baciu - Salina Turda
Jur. Roxana Elena Almășan

Dr. Mariana Varodi

Dr. Liviu Iordache
Dr. Ionela Peter
Dr. Ing. Ovidiu Mera

Dr. Daniela Pop
Dr. Ioana Pop
Dr. Dorina Duma
Dr. Calin Corciova

Dr. Mariana Rotariu
Dr. Marius Turnea
Camil Filimon

Ana Elena Stoian - registrator medical, Spitalul Clinic de Urgență Bagdasar Arseni
Emanuel Țolca - student UMF Cluj
Florina Vasiliu - student UMF Cluj
Ovidiu Morar - student UMF Cluj
Iulian Mătea - student UMF Cluj
Pușa Ormerișan - student Umf Cluj
Thematic areas
Balneology - Natural Therapeutic Factors

· Mineral waters - food and therapeutic factor

· Peloids

· Climate

· Thalassa

· Gases (Mofettes, Solphatares)

· Salt mines and caves


Healthy Lifestyle, Ethical and Legal issues

 · Healthy ageing 

· Balneoclimatology and Lifstyle

· Ethical and/or legal issues

· Balneo Tourism Destinations Marketing

Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

· Neurological & Communicational pathology

· Musculoskeletal pathology

· Paediatric pathology

· Geriatric pathology

· Cardiovascular - prevention and pathology

· Physio - / Kinesiotherapy

·  Mechatronic / Robotic interventions for medical rehabilitation

· Holistic Integrative Interventions

· Education and Scientific Research

· Miscellaneous

 Abstracts submission

Deadline for abstracts submission 21 of April, 2018

All authors will be informed about the evaluation of their abstracts by 30 of April, 2018

Abstracts must be submitted via the website or by email: , including with the related necessary information

Presenting authors must be registered participants.

Only accepted abstracts of authors who have paid their registration fees  will be scheduled for presentation and included in the abstracts volume

Submission of an abstract acknowledges the author's acceptance for their abstract(s) to be published in all the Congress materials

Abstracts must be submitted in English.  



Necessary information:

Presenting author's contact details  - minimum Email address 

       Author and co-authors' details 
- Full first and family name(s). 
- Authors’ names must be in upper and lower case (J.C. Smith). 
- Affiliation details: department, institution / hospital, city, state (if relevant), country

Abstract title - limited to 30 words in UPPER CASE

Abstract text – limited to 300 words, including acknowledgements

   Abstracts should mandatory encompass: 
- Introduction
- Materials and Methods 
- Results 
- Conclusions

       There must be used only standard abbreviations.  Special or unusual abbreviations must be placed within parentheses after the full term appears for the first time

       Generic names of drugs must be used only

       Abstracts must correspond and frame within one of the thematic areas specified on the Congress website

One image and/or table can be included per abstract, without exceeding the total indicated  words amount and overall framing within an A4 page format.

Abstracts must be SUBMITTED before the deadline in order to be sent to review for inclusion in the Scientific Program.

The Scientific Committee can decide the form of presentation for the works which's abstracts have been accepted 

Preliminary Program

Tuesday -  22 Mai 2018

 10 -16 - Registration - Aula “Iuliu Hațieganu University of Medicine an Pharmacy, Cluj-Napoca

 16 -19 - Opening Ceremony of the Romanian Congress of  Rehabilitation, Physical Medicine and Balneology, Aula “Iuliu Hațieganu UMF, Cluj-Napoca

 19 Welcome cocktail

Wednesday - 23 Mai 2018 Aula “Iuliu Hațieganu University of Medicine an Pharmacy, Cluj

  09,00 -11,00 - Climatotherapy, Moffeta, therapeutic gases

  11,00 -11,30 - Coffee Break

  11,30 -13,30 - Peloids and Mineral therapeutic waters

  13,30 -15,30 - Lunch

  15,30 -17,30 - Healthy ageing, Balneoclimatology and life style

  19,00 Dinner

Thursday - 24 Mai 2018 ooAula “Iuliu Hațieganu University of Medicine an Pharmacy, Cluj

   09,00 -11,00 - Musculoskeletal pathology in PRM

  11,00 -11,30 - Coffee Break

  11,30 -13,30 - Neurological & Communcational and/or Psycho—Cognitive pathology

  13,30 -15,30 - Lunch

  15,30 -17,30 - Geriatric pathology

  19,00 Dinner

Friday - 25 Mai 2018 Aula “Iuliu Hațieganu University of Medicine an Pharmacy, Cluj

  09,00 -11,00 - Physio—/ Kinesiotherapy

  11,00 -11,30 - Coffee Break

  11,30 -13,30 - Cardiovascular Rehabilitation

  13,30 -15,30 - Lunch

  15,30 -17,30 - Poster session 

  19,00 Gala Dinner

Saturday - 26 Mai 2018 —  TURDA  Salt Mine / Turda

  09,00 -11,00 - Miscellaneous

  11,00 -11,30 - Coffee Break

  11,30 -13,30 - Education and Scientific Research in Balneology and Rehabilitation Medicine

  13,30 -15,30 - Lunch

  15,30 -17,30 - Speleotherapy - modern arguments

  18,00  Dinner

Sunday - 27 Mai 2018  Delegates departure


Scientific partners

Media partners  

UMF Iuliu Hațieganu, Cluj-Napoca

UMF Carol Davila, București

UMF Grigore T. Popa, Iași