International Cooperation for Balneo and Spa Tourism

Romanian Association of Balneology

This webpage intends to be a link for Romanian Balneo and Spa Tourism on international level, scientific cooperation and communication, International Affairs for Balneo and Spa Tourism, Mutual Agreements and Collaborative Partnerships 

Congress 2018

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Balneo Research Journal

Platform for researchers, physicians and other authors. 

Romanian Health Resorts

Marketing and promotion of Romanian Destinations.

Romanian Association of Balneology and Polish Society of Balneology and Physical Medicine

       During  the National Balneology Congress of Polish Society of Balneology and Physical Medicine, September 14-17, 2017, in Poland, SZCZAWNICA, where the Romanian Balneology Association was represented by President Constantin Munteanu at the invitation of the President of Honor, Prof. Irena Ponikowska and President Jacek Chojnowski, on behalf of the Romanian Balneology Association, a trophy with the logos of the two associations was handed out, as a sign of gratitude and for the excellent collaboration, in order to develop the mutual collaboration between the two societies. An invitation was invited to attend the Congress of Balneology and Medical Recovery in Romania in May 2018.

Health Tourism Consultancy

Romanian Association of Balneology will provide, on email request, consultancy and offers for Balneo and Spa Romanian Destinations.