Registration Form

Registration officer: Fkt. Viorela Bembea 
Tel. +40 784 593 723 

E-mail: ismh2024@bioclima.ro

Registration payment
Domestic payments:  ING Bank (RON):
RO29INGB0000999912169233, ING, CIF: 45562564, 
Asociația Română de Balneologie Iași

International: ING Bank (Euro): RO76INGB0000999912186720
Asociația Română de Balneologie Iași, CIF 45562564,

The following mandatory mention: 

First and Last Name - ISMH2024

ISMH member = member of International Socieiety of Medical Hydrology and Climatology (ISMH)

The registration is for the ISMH congress. No congress fee is charged for the National Congress of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine & Balneology, those registered to the world congress have free access. Each participant will receive 2 diplomas and separate EMC score for the 2 congresses.

Standard Registration ISMH member - 20 February - 15 May
Euro 200.00
inclusive taxes: 220 Euro
Standard Registration ISMH non-member - 20 February - 15 May
Euro 275.00
inclusive taxes: 302,5 Euro

Accompanying person registration

Euro 50.00 

inclusive taxes: 55 Euro

Online registration

Euro 125.00

inclusive taxes: 137,5 Euro