Collaboration agreement signed between ARB and AMIITTAF (ITALY)

Today, July 19, 2023 at the Techirghiol Spa and Recovery Sanatorium, with the support and involvement of Mrs. Conf. Univ. Dr. Olga Surdu, I signed a collaboration agreement between the Romanian Association of Balneology and the Italian Medical Association of Hydroclimatology, Thalassotherapy and Physical Medicine, together with Mr. President Prof. Fausto Bonsignori.

Collaboration Agreement

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Physio-kinesitherapist - English programs

Grigore T. Popa University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iași

Physiotherapy (Balneology, physical therapy and medical rehabilitation), 3 years – bachelor’s degree program, fee 3000 euro/year, 45 students/year
The Faculty of Medical Bioengineering’s mission is to contribute to a high quality learning and research in the biomedical field by promoting academic programs and research as a result of Grigore T. Popa University of Medicine and Pharmacy’s goals and politics as well as its mission and objectives.  

Thus, our faculty contributes to the raising of the standard of quality in the health care system in Romania. To achieve this goal, the Faculty of Medical Bioengineering aims to:  

  • promote quality and efficiency in education;  

  • shape the personality and development of student’s creative skills;  

  • advance continuous development of scientific research, international standards and assert scientific performance of the academic community;  

  • integrate itself in national and international academic networks based on performance criteria and complementarity;  

  • develop partnerships with businesses, local government or national institutions and international organizations.  

The Faculty of Medical Bioengineering continuously adapts and diversifies its academic structure to achieve a suitable education and research environment, according to the Romanian education reform elements of national strategies in the economic field, the scientific research and workforce strategy, and the existing university human and material resources and the prospective ones.



Bioengineering Students Association (BSA) is a professional, non-political, non-profit type of students of the Faculty of Medical Bioengineering, Grigore T.Popa University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Iaşi.
Since 2001, Bioengineering Students Association is a full member of the ANOSR (National Alliance of Student Organizaţillor in Romania).  

Bioengineering Students Association organized 20 national symposiums of Medical Bioengineering dedicated to students scientific research. Also, Bioengineering Students Association is actively involved in scientific events organized by the Faculty of Medical Bioengineering.  

Bioengineering Students Association is involved in a wide range of activities, like us: students skills development, sports activities, volunteer in the community, fellow students, get involved in a humanitary campaigns.  

A tight-knit community  

  • Community involvement is an important aspect of the Faculty’s and students work.
  • Regularly appear in the media and health care to the community’s underserved and special-needs populations.
  • In collaboration with practitioners, we also hold regular public education activities, such as exhibitions, information days, and open days.


Why bioengineering? It is a challenging field by combining engineering with medicine. It make us to discover new areas of knowledge, which decipher the mysteries of nature, trying to understand the diversity of living systems and to implement ideas inspired by nature, to make and use biomedical devices and engineering. – Monica Ioneasa, 4th year student  

I especially have choosen the bioengineering because it is combining engineering with medicine. The study of the theoretical background and practical skills stimulated the passion for learning and knowledge discovery. Teachers encourage and support student initiatives to make scientific papers and to participate in meetings and conferences. Academic competitive and dynamic teaching technique kept alive my interest in bioengineering. – Andreea Marian

Online English Master Courses in Balneology, Balneo-Prophylaxis and Spa Tourism

2 years programme (four semesters)

        Romanian Association of Balneology gives the opportunity  for students all over the world to obtain strong background and knowledge in Balneology, Balneo-Prophylaxis and Spa Tourism  in an informal open manner, with online dedicated video courses - two years programs (four semesters).

Health Tourism Consultancy

Romanian Association of Balneology will provide, on email request, consultancy and offers for Balneo and Spa Romanian Destinations.