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Online English Master Courses in Balneology, Balneo-Prophylaxis and Spa Tourism

2 years programme (four semesters)

        Romanian Association of Balneology gives the opportunity  for students all over the world to obtain strong background and knowledge in Balneology, Balneo-Prophylaxis and Spa Tourism  in an informal open manner, with online dedicated video courses - two years programs (four semesters). The programs will start on 1st October 2019

Invitation to an one day conference in Estonia, Haapsalu: "Quo vadis Estonian curative mud"

On the 15th of November this year we will have an one day conference in Estonia, Haapsalu: “Quo vadis Estonian curative mud” which will be held by The Centre of Excellence in Health Promotion and Rehabilitation. Our Centre website is here: One part of this Centre is related to the studies of curative mud and balneological peat. We are looking for the methods how to measure the mud therapy effect. Also we are looking for the elements and compounds, which must be measure in the peloids, which have a specific effect on human body. At this moment we are able to measure three types of humic substances and also their effect is known by different scientific articles. Also we want to measure the antioxidative effect of our five curative peloids. In this conference we will talk about our local studies in that field – chemical and medical studies. 

We are also looking for the external knowledge in that field. Therefore we want to invite you in our conference to give the overview of the evidence-based studies with the Techirghiol mud (medical and chemical part), what kind of methods you are used to prove the mud therapy effect (what analyses are work, what not, in that case) and results, what kind of elements/compounds you are measured from the mud and why (their effect on human body) and results, etc. We want to know your knowledge and experience in that field. The length of the lecture may be 45 minutes. The conference will be targeted to spa doctors, entrepreneurs in the mud and peat field and scientists. 

CURATIVE MUD CONFERENCE - “Quo Vadis Estonian Curative Mud?”   Final Program

FEMTEC 201871° General Assembly and International Scientific Congress October 30th - November 4th , 2018 , Batumi (Republic of Georgia)
THERMAE 4.O - New algorithms for health care, sustainable development and tourism

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Congress 2018

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Balneo Research Journal

Platform for researchers, physicians and other authors. 

Romanian Health Resorts

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Romanian Association of Balneology and Polish Society of Balneology and Physical Medicine

       During  the National Balneology Congress of Polish Society of Balneology and Physical Medicine, September 14-17, 2017, in Poland, SZCZAWNICA, where the Romanian Balneology Association was represented by President Constantin Munteanu at the invitation of the President of Honor, Prof. Irena Ponikowska and President Jacek Chojnowski, on behalf of the Romanian Balneology Association, a trophy with the logos of the two associations was handed out, as a sign of gratitude and for the excellent collaboration, in order to develop the mutual collaboration between the two societies. An invitation was invited to attend the Congress of Balneology and Medical Recovery in Romania in May 2018.

Health Tourism Consultancy

Romanian Association of Balneology will provide, on email request, consultancy and offers for Balneo and Spa Romanian Destinations.