Evidence-Based Balneology – Motto of the Next ISMH Congress, Techirghiol, 23 – 25 May 2024

  - Gelu Onose, Constantin Munteanu

Balneo and PRM Research Journal. 2024;15(4):677 

 Full Text DOI 10.12680/balneo.2024.677  

Esteemed Colleagues,

On behalf of ISMH - International Society of Medical Hydrology and Climatology we have the honour to announce the 47th World Congress that will be held in Romania, Techirghiol Balneal Resort, between May the 23rd – 25th, 2024.
In 2024, Techirghiol Balneal and Rehabilitation Sanatorium turns 125 years old of unceasing balneal medicine.

The ISMH congress will by organized in this celebration atmosphere conjoined with Techirghiol Balneal and Rehabilitation Sanatorium, Romanian Association of Balneology, the Romanian Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine and Balneoclimatology.            
Romanian: National scientific activity will be held between May 21st and 22nd and will continue May 23rd–25th with 47TH ISMH congress.

We look forward to see you in Techirghiol Resort in May 2024.

Lansarea Ghidului va avea loc la Techirghiol, pe 21 și respectv 23 Mai în cadrul Ceremoniilor de deschidere ale Congresului Național de Medicină Fizică, de Recuperare și Balneologie și al 47-lea Congres Mondial al Societății Internaționale de Hidrologie Medicală și Climatologie (ISMH), intre orele 10 și 12.

Venue/Congress location: Techirghiol Balneal and Rehabilitation Sanatorium will host the scientific sessions and E-poster sessions.

Minibus Transfer from Bucharest airport to Techirghiol and return

Arrival transfer   Return
21 May :            17.00; 21.0024 May: 
22 May : 12.00; 17.00; 21.00 25 May: 
23 May : 
26 May: 

ePosters details. Send your ePoster by email:

All ePosters (electronic posters) are presented in large format, on multitouch, high resolution monitors. We provide all the monitors needed for the conference. 

Time for ePoster presentation: 5 minutes and 1 minute for questions and answers.

ePoster Template: link

Presentation details. Send it by email:

An oral presentation is a method of communicating information verbally supported by images, visual aids and/or technology. The information can be delivered as group discussions, speeches, debates and class presentations. Presentations can be delivered individually or as part of a group.   

Time for oral presentation: as mentioned in the Scientific Program

PPT Template: link

Abstracts Book - link

Balneo and PRM Research Journal, provides a platform for researchers, physicians and other interested authors to publish their articles about in the following fields: Balneology, Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (PRM), Physio / Kinesiotherapy, Lifestyle and Healthy Ageing, Climatology and Hydrothermal / Aquatic Therapy. 
The Journal publishes peer-reviewed original papers, research articles, systematic reviews, meta-analyses, short communications and letters to the editor The journal aims to provide the most complete and reliable source of information on current developments in the field of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine & Balneology. 
The emphasis will be on publishing quality articles rapidly and making them freely available online to researchers worldwide. All published articles will be deposited immediately upon publication in at least one widely and internationally recognized open access repository, such as CrossRef and Web of Science. 
We want to take a moment to express our sincerest thanks to you, our authors, reviewers, and readers, who continue to access Balneo and PRM Research Journal. We extend special thanks to the support organizations and institutions of Balneo and PRM Research Journal: Romanian Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine and Balneoclimatology, Teaching Emergency Hospital ”Bagdasar-Arseni”, Bucharest, Romania; Faculty of Medical Bioengineering, University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Grigore T. Popa”, Iași, Romania; Faculty of Medicine, Department of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Medicine and Pharmacy ”Carol Davila”, Bucharest, Romania; Faculty of Medicine, University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Hațieganu”, Cluj-Napoca, Romania; Clinical Rehabilitation Hospital Cluj-Napoca, Romania; Balneal and Rehabilitation Sanatorium Techirghiol, Constanța, Romania; Faculty of Medicine, “Ovidius” University of Constanța, Romania 
We are very grateful to members of the editorial board, mainly Honorary Editor-in-Chief Prof. Gelu Onose, MD., PhD., MSc, University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Carol Davila", in Bucharest, Romania; and Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Gabriela Dogaru, MD., PhD., „Iuliu Hatieganu” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, in Cluj-Napoca, Vicepresident of The Romanian Association of Balneology, and all of our reviewers, whose care and diligence in handling and reviewing the work of your colleagues is vital to the quality of the scientific literature and the advancement of science.

Romanian Association of Balneology,
President and Editor-in-Chief, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Biol. Constantin Munteanu

Recommended Accommodation

-  - 30 rooms available, Mobile: 0722.618.200E-mail: 10 rooms available, Mobile: 0726.339.144 - 12 rooms available, Mobile: 0723.172.396; E-mail: - 15 rooms available, Mobile: 0767.934.873

Congress Video Website - Sessions Zoom links / Pagina Video a Congresului - Linkuri Zoom

"Adunarea Generală Extraordinară a SOCIETĂȚII ROMÂNE DE PATOLOGIE, TERAPIE ȘI RECUPERARE VERTEBRO-MEDULARE (RoSCoS), ce va avea loc în cadrul  Congresului National de Medicina Fizica de  Recuperare si Balneoclimatologie 2024, pe data de 21 mai 2024, marti, online.  
Votul va fi acordat prin e-mail, pe tot parcursul zilei de 21.05.2024 la adresa"

EACCME® Accreditation 

“The The Romanian National Congress of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine and Balneology, Techirghiol, Romania 21/05/2024 - 22/05/2024, has been accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME®) with 16.0 European CME credits (ECMEC®s). Each medical specialist should claim only those hours of credit that he/she actually spent in the educational activity.”

Accreditation Letter

 DECIZIA Comisiei pentru avizare profesională Nr. 208 / 08.05.2024 - link

Art. 1 Se acordă 12 credite de EMC pentru anul 2024 fizioterapeu!ilor participanți la Congresul Național Anual de Medicină Fizică, de Recuperare și Balneologie, cu participare internatională, intr-o variantă hibridä — inclusiv prin participare fizică — la Stațiunea Balneară Techirghiol, sau/și online, desfășurat în perioada 21-22.05.2024, organizat de Societatea Română de Medicină Fizică, de Recuperare și Balneoclimatologie (SRMFRB) și Asociația Română de Balneologie (ARB), cf. art. 30 alin. (9) din Proceduri EMC.

Art. 2 Se acordă 18 credite de EMC pentru anul 2024 fizioterapeuților participanți la al 47-lea Congres Mondial care se va desfășura in România, Stațiunea Balneară Techirghiol în perioada 23-25.05.2024, organizat de ISMH — Societatea Internațională de Hidrologie Medicală Climatologie, cf. art. 30 alin. (9) din Proceduri EMC.

Congress Video Website - Sessions Zoom links / Pagina Video a Congresului - Linkuri Zoom

25 May 2024   – Room B
10,00 -12,00 Round table - Session Room B Aligning the competencies of Balneophysiokinesitherapy and recovery and Bioengineering graduates with the learning outcomes expected by the academic and socio-economic environment

EACCME® Accreditation 

“The 47th ISMH WORLD CONGRESS, Techirghiol, Romania 23/05/2024 - 25/05/2024, has been accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME®) with 20.0 European CME credits (ECMEC®s). Each medical specialist should claim only those hours of credit that he/she actually spent in the educational activity.”

Accreditation Letter
Auspicii Academice

ISMH Congress Committee 

Prof. Christian-Francois Rocques
ISMH President
Prof. Pedro Cantista
ISMH Past-President
Prof. Zeki Karagulle
ISMH Past-President
Prof. Tamas Bender
ISMH Past-President

Prof. Antonella Fioravanti
OMTh President

Prof. Francisco Maraver

Dr. Ildikó Katalin Tefner

Dr. Araceli Muela Garcia

Dr. Jose Manuel Carbajo

Honorary Congress Presidents 

Acad. Prof.  dr. Constntin Ionescu-Tîrgoviște
 Acad. Prof. dr. Alexandru Vlad Ciurea
Prof. dr. Viorel Jinga, Rector UMF ”Carol Davila”
Assoc. Prof. dr. Dan Iliescu - Rector Universitatea Ovidius
Prof. dr. Mircea Beuran Președinte Academia de Științe Medicale
Prof. dr. Diana Loreta Păun - Consilier Prezidențial

Congress Board 

Prof. dr. Gelu Onose - Scientific Program Director - UEMS
Assoc. Prof. dr. Olga Surdu  -  Congress President
Assoc. Prof. dr. Dan Blendea  Congress President
Assoc. Prof. dr. Constantin Munteanu  Congress President
Assoc. Prof. dr. Elena  Ionescu  -  Scientific  Committee President
Dr. Elena-Roxana Țucmeanu - Organizing Committee President

Congress Committees 

Scientific Committee

Conf. Univ. Dr. Elena Valentina Ionescu

Prof. Univ. dr. Anca Galaction
Prof. Univ. dr. Mihai Berteanu
Prof. Univ. dr. Liviu Lazăr
Prof. Univ. dr. Otilia Rogoveanu
Prof. Univ. dr. Oleg Pascal
Șef Lucrări d
r. Liliana-Elena Stanciu
Șef Lucrări dr. Carmen Oprea

Șef Lucrări d
r. Traian-Virgiliu Surdu

Asist. Univ. dr. Doroteea Teoibaș Șerban

Conf. Univ. dr. Simona Pop
Conf. Univ. dr. Bombonica Gabriela Dogaru
Conf. Univ. dr. Alisa Tabîrță 
Conf. Univ. dr. Mariana Rotariu
Conf. Univ. dr. Călin Corciova
Conf. Univ. dr. Cseppento  Nistor Carmen

Conf. Univ. dr. Silișteanu Sînziana Călina
Conf. Univ. dr. Răzvan Drăgoi
Conf. Univ. dr. Andrada Mirea
Conf. Univ. dr. Cristina-Octaviana Daia
Șef Lucrări dr. Daniel-Andrei Iordan
Sef Lucrari dr.
 Ioana Andone

Șef Lucrări dr. Ana-Maria Bumbea

Șef Lucrări
r. Cristina Popescu
Șef Lucrări
r. Roman Potapenco
Dr. Simona Carniciu
Dr. Carmen Florentina Firan

Dr. Mariana Varodi
Dr. Daniela Profir
Dr. Liliana Vlădăreanu
Dr. Stelian Ilie Mociu
Dr. Mihaela Minea
Dr. Iuri Simionca
Dr. Mihaela Cucu
Organizing Committee

Dr. Elena-Roxana Țucmeanu

Prof. Univ. dr. Mădălina-Gabriela Iliescu
Conf. Univ. dr. Liliana Pădure
Conf. Univ. dr. Camelia Ciobotaru
Conf. Univ. dr. Aurelian Anghelescu 
Șef Lucrări dr. Doinița Oprea

Șef Lucrări dr. Ștefan Busnatu
Șef Lucrări dr. Marius-Alexandru Turnea
Șef Lucrări dr. Aura Spînu
Șef Lucrări dr. Iustina Condurache
Dr. Alin-Iulian Țucmeanu
Dr. Viorica Marin
Dr. Sibel Mujdaba
Ec. Drd. Oana Stefania Cosa
Dr. Iulia-Maria Belc

Asist. univ. drd. Mihai Băilă
Dr. Bogdan Ciornei
Dr. Vadym Rotar
Dr. Marius Sorin Chiriac
Asist. univ. drd. Andreea-Dalila Nedelcu
Asist. univ. drd. Irem Abdula
Asist. univ. drd. Adelina-Elena Cristea
Asist. univ. drd. Bianca Neagu
Asist. univ. drd. Andreea-Bianca Uzun
Asist. univ. drd. Alexandra Ciota
Asist. univ. drd. Diana Jimbu
Medic rez. Cristina Mădălina Lungu
Medic rez. Ramona Gavrilov
Medic rez. Ipek Amet-Halit
Medic rez. Luana-Crina Vilcea
Medic rez. Ioana Albu
Medic rez. Matei Rebenciuc
Medic rez. Ana Maria Elena Călin
Medic rez. Ana- Maria Vlad
Medic rez. Elena Manoli
Medic rez. Ecaterina Scurtu
Medic rez. Alexandru Proicea
Medic rez. Anda Ifrim
Medic rez. Daniel Gune
Medic rez. Ana-Maria Visinescu
Medic rez. Isabele Daria Ion
Medic rez. Ana-Carmen Rebedea 
Medic rez. Sebastian Giuvara 
Medic rez. Andreea-Iulia Vladulescu-Trandafir 
Medic rez. Ruxandra-Luciana Postoiu
Medic rez. Roxana Bistriceanu 
Medic rez. Felicia Stanciu
Medic rez. Teodora-Cristina Moise
Medic rez. Roxana Andreea Paraschiv
Medic rez. Cosmina Jianu
Medic rez. Alin-Daniel Malaelea
Medic rez. Ana Andreea Cristea
Kt. Cristian Pandrea
Kt. Dr. Radu Mihai Avram
FKt. Viorela Bembea
Bioch.  dr. Mihail Hoteteu
Ana Elena Stoian
Camil Filimon

Elena Petria
Simona Rusu
Andrei Grigore

Liana Grigore