Balneo and PRM Research Journal <p class="auto-style152">· <strong>International title: Balneo and PRM Research Journal / Index name: BALNEO, Publisher: Romanian Association of Balneology / Asociația Română de Balneologie, Website <a href=""></a></strong></p> <p class="auto-style152">· <strong>Aims and scope: The Journal publishes peer-reviewed original papers, as systematic reviews based on the <a href="">PRISMA methodology</a>, short communications and letters to the editor in the following fields: </strong></p> <p class="auto-style154"><span class="auto-style99">Balneology, Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (PRM), Physio / Kinesiotherapy, Lifestyle and Healthy Ageing, Climatology and Hydrothermal / Aquatic Therapy.</span></p> <p class="auto-style152">· <strong>Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement Document: <a href="">Link</a></strong></p> <p class="auto-style152">· <span class="auto-style166"> </span><strong>ISSN-L: 2734-844X / p ISSN: 2734-844X / e ISSN: 2734-8458, Frequency: 4 issues per year, The language of publication: English, License: </strong><strong> <img src="" width="109" height="19" border="0" /></strong><strong> see: <a href=""></a></strong></p> <p class="auto-style152">· <strong>Published Conflict-of-Interest Statement: <a href="">Link</a>, <span lang="EN-US">Published Statement of Informed Consent</span>: <a href="">Link</a>, <span lang="EN-US">Published Statement of Human and Animal Rights</span>: <a href="">Link</a>, Assignment of copyright and authorship responsibilities: <a href="">Link</a></strong></p> <p class="auto-style152">· <strong>Online submission link: </strong><span lang="RO"><a href=""><strong><span lang="EN-GB"> </span></strong></a><strong><a href=""><img src="" width="101" height="33" border="0" /></a></strong></span></p> <p class="auto-style152">· <strong>Balneo and PRM Research Journal was recognized by the Romanian College of Physicians for 10 CME credits, based on yearly subscription - <a href="">Recognition Letter for 2021</a></strong></p> <p class="auto-style152">· <strong>Article Publication Charges<span class="auto-style99"> 200 Euro</span> per admitted for publication article - it covers indexing and editing. See submit page: <a href="">Submit</a></strong></p> <p class="auto-style152">· <strong>For submitting articles for Balneo and PRM Research Journal, authors must use the following template: <a href="">Balneo Template</a></strong></p> <p class="auto-style152">· <strong>For submitting systematic review articles based on the <a href="">PRISMA methodology</a> for Balneo and PRM Research Journal, authors must provide additional: <a href="">PRISMA Abstract checklist</a>, <a href="">PRISMA checklist</a> and <a href="">PRISMA registration</a></strong></p> <p class="auto-style152">· <strong>Peer reviewer's details: <a href="">Peer review process</a>.</strong></p> <p class="auto-style160">· <strong>The journal's presence in various indexing services, directories and listings: At the present moment, Balneo and PRM Research Journal is part of the International Databases (BDI) as follow:</strong></p> <p class="auto-style153"> <a href="">EBSCOhost</a>, <a href="">CrossRef</a>, <a href="">DOAJ</a>, <a href=";colors=7&amp;lang=en&amp;jour_id=201603">Electronic Journals Library (GIGA)</a>, <a href=";v1=1&amp;ti=1,1&amp;Search_Arg=101631691&amp;Search_Code=0359&amp;CNT=1&amp;SID=1">National Library of Medicine - NLM</a>,<span class="auto-style161"> ISI: </span><a href=";hide_exact_match_fl=true&amp;utm_source=mjl&amp;utm_medium=share-by-link&amp;utm_campaign=search-results-share-this-journal">Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI)</a></p> Romanian Association of Balneology / Asociația Română de Balneologie, Website en-US Balneo and PRM Research Journal 2734-844X