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Online English Master Course in Balneology, Balneo-Prophylaxis and Spa Tourism

International Diploma granted by Romanian Association of Balneology


'Lifelong learning' is one of the most popular concepts of the 21st century. 
Romanian Association of Balneology gives the opportunity  for students all over the world to obtain strong background and knowledge in Balneology, Balneo-Prophylaxis and Spa Tourism  in an informal, open manner, with online dedicated video courses.

Program description


This program enables students to acquire deeper knowledge in balneology and balneo-prophylaxis taking into account the new concepts of Balneo Resort and research on natural therapeutic factors. This involves the handling of specific data and thus balneotherapy and physiotherapy are essential elements in this modern education in balneology.

What is Balneology?

Balneology  wants to understand and model individual cells, organs and whole organisms interaction with active principals of natural therapeutic factors and their use for balneotherapy. It integrates established disciplines in Balneology and renovates them for the challenges of the future.

Aims of the program

The Balneology, Balneo-prophylaxis and Spa Tourism program combines theoretical and practical education in the area of balneotherapy through online informal courses dedicated for the enrolled  students. At the end of the program, students will be able:  

  • to think at the health applications of balneotherapy
  • to understand the importance of natural therapeutic factors
  • to use natural therapeutic factors for balneotherapy

Career perspectives

  • Positions in Spa Tourism industry
  • Researcher data needed in physiology centers
  • Knowledge with focus on balneological applications
  • Gives Romanian students the opportunity to develop their career in foreign countries
  • Possibility  to become part of Balneo University team for research and educational activity
  • Opportunity to have strong knowledge for Balneo and Spa Sector

Key Facts

  • Multidisciplinary research-based course
  • 2 year full-time program / 4 semesters 
  • minimum 10 video disciplines per semester
  • online bibliographic resources  sent to each student
  • Small class sizes & individual mentoring: Max. 20 students selected
  • Students use state-of-the-art experimental data
  • Balneo Research Journal access and use
  • Strong links with the Romanian Association of Balneology
  • All courses instructed in the English language

Study Plan

Each course has minimum 10 video lectures, references materials, tests and working sheets

First Semester Second Semester Third Semester Fourth Semester
Environmental Medicine and Balneology ThalassotherapyPhysiotherapy Balneology and Rehabilitation Medicine
Physiology and Balneology SpeleotherapyMassage Techniques Life Style  
Chemistry and Balneology Therapeutic gases Prophylaxis in Medicine Hospitality Sector Industry
Physics and Balneology Nutrition Balneotherapy techniques and equipmentHealth and Wellness Tourism
PeloidotherapyHydrationPsychology and BalneologySpa Tourism Promotion and Media
Natural therapeutic watersMath and BalneologyHealthy AgeingSpa Tourism Economy  
BioclimatologyCell biology and BalneologyExperimental research in BalneologySpa Menu


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