Applications of fitness function in Pubalgia affliction


  • Cătălin IONIŢE
  • Marius TURNEA
  • Mihai ILEA
  • Mariana ROTARIU


e-health, rehabilitation, genetic algorithm, fitness function


Introduction. The relationships among variables are important in medicine and sport, and the most common approaches use linear correlation for optimization and prediction. Material and method. We propose to o novel usage of a known method (the genetic programming algorithm) to construct a nonlinear model in a practical case for rehabilitation find out the mathematical formula for a relationship among many variables . This study seeks to find a mathematical function to estimate the current state of the patient: healthy, affected by Pubalgia. Results and discussions.  In the proposed application, a mathematical relationship is sought for five variables that express a state of health for patients, plantar footprint, plantar footprint – right, plantar pressure, plantar pressure – right and the surface of the body weight center.  Conclusions.  In this article, genetic programming has been proposed to construct a mathematical function to estimate the patient's condition possibly affected by Pubalgia